CashClicking Terms of Service:

1. All sites must be in English. We do not permit adult or offensive sites. Your site may not contain more than one popup. Pyramid-type or illegal matrix websites are not allowed. PTP sites are not allowed. Sites with hidden Iframes are not allowed. Your site must not break out of the CashClicking surfing frame. We reserve the right to delete any site we feel is inappropriate. Violators are subject to a 25 credit penalty.

2. Auto-surfing for credits is not allowed. Anti-cheating scripts have been put into place that will prevent this activity.

3. You may have one account only. Members found to have multiple accounts will have all his/her accounts deleted. IP checks will be used to detect & prevent this activity.

4. You may only promote CashClicking by placing a link from your website or using acceptable email marketing. Unsolicited email, inappropriate newsgroup posts, or any form of spam is not acceptable.

5. All sales are final. There will be no refund for any purchase made from CashClicking.

6. CashClicking reserves the right to delete the account of and ban any member that is found in violation of these rules or whom we feel are abusing our program in any way.

Please review these rules often, as they may be updated at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation!