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  CashClicking will collect personal information from a user at the time of his/her sign-up. This information is used for contact purposes by CashClicking only. The member's username will be displayed on our contest pages. The member's email address will be used to send updates and other important information concerning CashClicking. The websites and banners a member submits will be displayed to other members. A user's IP address is collected for the purpose of preventing abuse. Information will never be released to any third party or used for any other purpose.
  CashClicking will store all user information on a dedicated server. Our service provider has their own privacy policy and security measures to keep your information completely confidential and safe from unauthorized persons.
Access To Information
  Members of CashClicking will have access to their personal information via the Member's Area. Such access will require the member to enter their username and password. All information, except the username, can be edited by the member.
Option To Provide Information
  Users that wish to become a member of CashClicking are required to provide all information requested for the purpose of contacting and delivering traffic to the member. Information will never be used for any other purpose.
  This privacy policy will be strictly followed by all CashClicking administrators.
  If you have any questions, you may contact us.
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